Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Radiology department1

    Radiology department of Xi’an Central Hospital is Xi'an medical imaging center, Xi'an key discipline, master's degree medical department of Xi'an Jiao Tong University and affiliated unit of Xi’an clinical image quality control center. 

    Our department has formed a Young and middle-aged professional echelon with reasonable personnel and professional structure as well as strong technical strength. We have 44 professionals in medical, technical and nursing profession, including 4 chief physicians, 6 vice chief physicians, 3 doctors and doctors in reading, 7 masters and masters in reading.
We are equipped with 1 1.5T MRI, 1 256iCT, 1 16 row CT, 2 sets of suspension DR system, 1 set of mobile DR system, 1 set of digital mammography system and 1 set of digital gastrointestinal imaging system.
    In the aspect of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of nervous system and five facial diseases, we are in the leading role of Xi’an. We created firstly the technique of facial nerve canal multi slice spiral CT surface reconstruction with international advanced level. We carried out multislice spiral CT and MR application, epiphysis of epiphyseal plate surface reconstruction in the head and face, the body of the application, low dose chest CT scan, application of multi-slice spiral CT postprocessing technique, Pinpoint in CT interventional diagnosis of bone and joint diseases, the application of dental CT in orthodontics, the application of CT endoscopy, CT coronary angiography, CTA, CT and MR perfusion imaging of brain and liver, the study of fetal MR, mammography and MR, MR imaging of biliary tract lesions, MR diffusion, diffusion tensor imaging and clinical application of spectroscopy.
    In recent ten years, we published more than 100 academic papers including SCI, Chinese series and so on. We took part in the writing and translating of 8 monographs and undertook 13 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects. We are one of the units which people serve most in the medical imaging society and Imaging Journal in the city. In the field of Xi’an medical imaging, we have achieved a high academic position and in the field of provincial medical, we have also achieved a certain academic position.
    We undertake the teaching tasks of imaging major of Shaanxi TCM University, Yan'an University, Xi'an Medical University, School of energy science and Technology School and the business training of primary hospital refresher students. We make continuous reform and innovation in teaching forms and methods to improve the quality of teaching. After decades of hard work, hundreds of students and advanced students have been trained, all over and outside the province, and some of them have become the backbone of local technology.