Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Hematology Department1

    Xi'an Institute of Hematology is affiliated to Xi'an Central Hospital and approved by the Xi'an Municipal Government. It is the first institute in Xi'an that integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research based on the Department of Hematology, Xi'an Central Hospital. Hematology as a key discipline in Xi'an, enjoys a high academic status and reputation in Shaanxi Province, the first designated hospital set by Shaanxi Province to improve the level of medical insurance for major diseases and leukemia diagnosis and treatment for rural children; a designed hospital for hematopoietic stem cell collection for China Marrow Donor Program (CMDP), and for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. 

    Xi'an Institute of Hematology, established 30 and more years ago, is now blessed with a contingent of high-qualified professionals who boast high reputation, wealthy medical theory, rich clinical experience and superb technical level, they are  well-versed in clinical research methods and laboratory technology. The institute has powerful technological strength and advanced medical equipment such as: efficient air filtration laminar flow ward, sterile laminar flow bed, flow cytometry, blood cell separator, real-time PCR, hematology analyzer, bone marrow cell computer analysis system, bone marrow biopsy inspection system, a coagulation testing system, cell culture system and chromosome analysis system, thrombosis hemostasis, hemolysis laboratory, outpatient blood routine laboratory, cell / cell molecular genetics laboratory, cell culture laboratory, flow cytometry laboratory, cellular immunofluorescence laboratory, cell morphology and cell histochemistry laboratory, bone marrow histopathology laboratory and molecular biology laboratory, which  provide a reliable diagnosis and treatment platform and modern technical support for accurate diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases.
    There are more than 50 sci-tech workers, in which 12 with senior titles, 2 with doctoral degrees, 9 with master's degrees. The department is complete with hematology clinic, in-patient ward, hematology laboratory center and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation center. The hematology ward has 48 fixed beds, 2 beds for rescuing, 4 laminar beds, 3 high-efficiency air-filtration laminar wards and beds respectively. Therefore, our department has repeatedly won the Scientific and Technological Achievement Award granted by Xi'an Health Bureau, the National Natural Science Foundation and scientific research subjects sponsored by the Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province and Xi’an. It sponsors more than 10 medical continuing education projects each year and teaches nearly 1,000 students and interns. Its advantages and characteristics have taken shape in terms of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic diseases, acute and chronic leukemia, aplastic anemia as well as apheresis and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.