Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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    Respiratory medicine department of our hospital is the municipal advantage specialized subject. Now, we have 60 beds with serial numbers, and actually 70 beds are availed. The discipline echelon construction is reasonable. We have 14 physicians, including 6 Ph.D students, 5 masters, 6 chief physicians, 3 associated chief physicians, 3 physicians-in-charge, 2 resident physicians and 26 nurses, combining a high-quality talent team. Chief physician Liu An, the leader of discipline, is the vice chair of Shaanxi respiratory TB medicine branch, the vice chair of Shaanxi critical care medicine branch, the chair of Xi’an respiratory TB medicine branch and outstanding contribution expert of Xi’an. The respiration team lead by him won the college advanced collective and “march 8th” red-banner holding collective of Shaanxi continuously.  The head nurse Yang Li was rewarded“march 8th” red-banner holder of Xi’an. The department firstly built the only RICU of Xi’an, which equipped the central ecg monitoring system made by U.S. Marguette andfive the most adcanced intelligent breathing machine around the world, they are Evita4 Type, Savina Type, Servo-I Type made by German Drager as well as Vision Type made by American BiPAP. The department has many advanced treatment equipments such as portable ecg monitors, Swiss AVL blood gas analyzer, Japanese OLYMPUS electronic bronchoscope and fiberoptic bronchoscope, West German Jaeger lung function machine, etc.

    Our department carried out a comprehensive CT guided percutaneous lung biopsy, bronchoscopy microscopic local chemotherapy and lavage, outside the tube cavity tumor needle aspiration biopsy, percutaneous pleural biopsy and many other new techniques as well as much inspection like airway test, dispersion and small airway function testing. The diagnosis and treatment technique of chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, bronchial asthma and respiratory system tumor have achieved leading level in the province. In recent two years, we bought argon knife, which could carry out level 4 operations under the bronchoscope. We built the first smoking cessation clinic in Shaanxi province, and we could provide scientific smoking cessation method for patients with quitting will.