Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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E.N.T. Department

    The E.N.T. (ear-nose-throat) Department of Xi'an Central Hospital is a specialized department with complete diagnosis and treatment equipment and a strong technical force. The director is Quan Boyuan, who is also a chief physician. Head nurse is An Xiangdong, also a deputy chief physician. There are in total 12 doctors in our department, including three chief physicians, two deputy chief physicians and three attending physicians. Among the staff, three have the undergraduate degree and eight have master’s degree. We also have 12 nurses, including three deputy chief nurses, eight nurse practitioners, one nurse, and three specialist nurse inspectors. We are proud to say that one person in our team serves as a committee member of the Otolaryngology Branch of Shaanxi Province Medical Association; three are members of Otolaryngology Branch of Xi’an; and one is even appointed as the director of Otolaryngology Branch of Xi’an. There are totally 24 beds offered to patients in need.

    Ear Branch: here we have fiber ear endoscope, television imaging system, Danish pure tone audiometer, Siemens multi-frequency acoustic impedance meter, video nystagmus, Lycra S60 multi-functional otology surgical microscope, as well as otologic surgery microsurgery. Our prioneering use of "facial nerve tube multi-slice spiral CT surface reconstruction" technology is in the international advanced level; three-dimensional reconstruction of ossicular chain is a leading technique nationwide. Listening Research Center of our department is one of the best in the diagnosis and treatment of audiology across the province.
Nose Branch: here we have nasal endoscope and television imaging system, integrated cutting system to attract cutting, laser therapeutic apparatus, RF therapeutic apparatus, microwave therapeutic apparatus, ionosurgery knife and plasma knife.
    Throat, head and neck Branch: here we have Olympus soft fiber optic laryngoscope and television imaging system, minimally invasive surgical laryngoscope and throat support instruments, polysomnography, Weikang ventilator, Germany wolf tracheal endoscopy, and esophagus endoscopy.