Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Stomatology department

    Stomatology department of Xi’an Central Hospital is located at the east side of the third floor of outpatient building, which is set up in 1952. Now it is the oral medical association governing unit of Shaanxi province.

    Stomatology department is divided into 7 professional departments including department of oral medicine, department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, department of prosthodontics, department of orthodontics, planting room, dental laboratory and X-ray room. It has advanced equipments at home and abroad like 14 Germany West Nord dental chair, Germany West Nord oral CT triad, U.S. Kodak-2200 teeth machine, Swiss - 2000 e card quick sterilizer, Israel - 3140 pressure sterilizer, Swiss ITI planting system, South Korea DengTeng planting system and planter. Yearly number of clinical patients reaches more than one hundred thousand. Our department was rewarded “Excellent Micro Movie” on systematic theme micro movie creation competition by Xi’an health and family planning committee, high-quality advanced award of Xi’an disease prevention and control and so on.
    Now we have 3 chief physicians, 6 associated chief physicians, 6 physicians-in-charge, 5 resident physicians, 4 nurses and 2 technicians. Among them, one is the member of standing committee of Shaanxi orthodontics oral health medical association, one is the member of council of Shaanxi oral medicine, one is the member of standing committee of Xi’an oral medical association, one is the member of council of Shaanxi oral medicinal association, one is an expert of technical guidance group of Xi’an children oral disease comprehensive intervention project, some are members of branch committee of Xi’an oral medical association as well as 2 part-time professor of Yanan university school of medicine, 1 PhD student, 8 postgraduate students. They take oral medicine clinical teaching tasks of 6 universities including Yanan University. In recent years, they completed four provincial and municipal scientific research projects.
    Now we have many special medial project like planting denture repair technique, painless anesthesia treatment technology, modern root canal treatment, periodontal clean technology, whole porcelain cosmetic repair technology, Precision attachment and sleeve crown restoration technology, Children and adults all kinds of complicated fault micromaxillary deformity correction and tooth whitening technology.
    Consulting telephone: eternal line 62655281
                                    Internal line 67281