Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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 Childrens Health Branch

   The Children's Health Branch of the Central Hospital of Xi’an was established in March 2012after its separation from the Department of Children’s Medicine. The branch boasts a strong crew with professionals well distributed. Among the staff, there is one chief physician and one deputy chief physician. Besides, a rehabilitation technician and an intelligence evaluator, both equipped with high expertise, further empower the branch’s medical team.Our branch is an assessment and rehabilitation institution designated by Xi’an Disabled Persons’ Federation for children with cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities.Among all Grade Three Level A general hospitals in Shaanxi Province, our branch is one of the earliest established ones and a technically leading children’s health care institution.

Our services include:
Early childhood integrated development guidance clinic:
Early childhood development refers to the method of creating suitable environment, carrying out necessary activities as well as providing appropriate intervention for infants and young children who are in their fast-growing stage. In this way, they will become both physically and mentally (and emotionally) healthy, and also develop a good social adaptability.
Early childhood development clinic service program:
1. In a one-to-one manner, based on each child’s characteristics, guide parents to raise their children in a reasonable way. Suggest them to monitor growth condition and evaluate nutrition level regularly.
2. Conduct 52 nerve movement examinations in order to detect abnormalities in the neural development of a child if there are any, and then correct them as soon as possible.
3. On the basis of the psychological characteristics of children in different ages, help parents fulfill children’s intellectual potential and solve problems that they may encounter in parenting.
4. Guide parents on how to scientifically instruct babies under 3 to learn Maths and read books.
High-risk child health care and intervention clinic:
High-risk child health care is a new and interdisciplinary project that develops from basic child health care and combines prevention with treatment. It is of great importance to promote the early childhood comprehensive development, enrich the content of child health care, reduce the disability rate as well as increase the professional level and profits of child health care. Systematic health care for high-risk children and early medical intervention are helpful to the growth of body and mind, and the reduction of cerebral palsy and mental retardation.