Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Critical-care medicine department

    Critical-care medicine department of our hospital is a professional department with intensive care and treatment of critical patients, which provide standardized and high quality life support for critically ill patients.

    We have a series of important therapeutic equipment like 5 invasive ventilators, 1 noninvasive ventilator, 2 Swedish treasure PRISMAFLEX and German Omnitest DIPACT blood purification treatment machine, 1 Japan Olypus fiberoptic bronchoscopy, 1 ice blanket machine, 1 defibrillator monitor, etc, which can carry out treatment technologies such as ECG, noninvasive and invasive hemodynamic testing, and noninvasive respiratory support and continuous blood purification therapy (CRRT, plasma exchange and hemoperfusion adsorption), enteral nutrition support and arteriovenous intubation, tracheal intubation, bedside bronchoscopy, etc. 
    At present, the main patients include: critically ill patients after various complex large operations; the patients whose anesthetic effect has not been disappeared or the vital signs have not been stable after general anesthesia; patients who require respiratory management and / or respiratory support after cardiopulmonary resuscitation; cardiac insufficiency or severe arrhythmia, acute myocardial infarction; various types of shock; severe trauma; acute kidney injury caused by various causes; acute poisoning; other patients with multiple system and organ dysfunction who are expected to recover after short-term intensive treatment.
    Besides, we have a medical team with superb skills, rich experience, good quality and tacit understanding. We have 6 beds as well as 25 medical workers, including 7 physicians, 1 vice chief physician, 5 attending physicians, 6 masters with accreditation of critical care medicine of Chinese Medical Association, 18 nurses and 3 nurses-in-charge.