Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Emergency department

    Emergency department is divided into physical emergency department, emergency surgery department, emergency room and transfusion room. We have 40 medical staff, including 6 physicians and 6 surgeons. Emergency room has 4 rescue beds and equipped with advanced machines and equipments, which can make monitoring and treatment of cardiac arrest and all kinds of critical illness. Transfusion room has 26 transfusion chairs, and undertakes transfusion treatment of emergent patients. The annual triage volume of emergency department is about 70 thousand. Physical emergency department and emergency surgery department receive 35000 patients, rescue about 4000 patients and infuse about 30000 patients. Emergency department takes emergency and first aid as the basis of work, takes rapidity, accuracy and efficiency as treatment concept, as well as takes rapid diagnosis and rapid diversion as highlight of department. We try to create trauma, acute and critical illness as medical features.