Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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    The department is well equipped. We have many advanced equipments like pure imported German Heidelberg retinal blood vessels and choroid angiography, Germany Zeiss optical coherence tomography scanner, multiwavelength laser of medical people, YAG laser machine, German Zeiss automatic computer vision machine, Loran ophthalmograph, Heidelberg optic nerve thickness analysis and doppler flow analyzer, Germany Loi-master, Alcon A/B hyperscope, Heidelberg's current phase camera, Leica operating microscope, American alcon vitreous cutting machine and eye - powered ultrasonic emulsifier,etc. Our department has a complete set of procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of various complicated and difficult eye diseases, and related surgical procedures have reached the advanced level in China. In the meanwhile, medical consultation and academic exchange platform has been established between our department and the ophthalmic centers in this region and in China. We have 30 beds. Routine diagnosis and treatment projects include minimally invasive vitreoretinal surgery, complex retinal detachment, severe ocular trauma, photodynamic combination of anti-vegf was used to treat senile macular degeneration, the new blood vessels of the choroid membrane, cataract phacoemulsification combined with intraocular lens implantation, intraocular lens implantation with high myopia, various types of strabismus, treatment of myopia and amblyopia, combined surgical treatment for neonatal vascular glaucoma, refractory glaucoma drainage valve implantation and ocular plastic surgery.

    The Department members are in charge of members of the Shaanxi Ophthalmological Society and members of the Xi'an Ophthalmological Society. In recent years, we successively completed 8 provincial and municipal projects and won 6 provincial and municipal awards for scientific research. We undertake the five year clinical undergraduate courses of the Department of medicine of Yan'an University, and the clinical teaching of ophthalmology for clinical undergraduates in Chongqing University. Now we have become a department combined medical, teaching and scientific research. We adhere to " take patients as the center" to carry out quality services,  and for 3 consecutive years we was named advanced group of Xi’an Central Hospital.