Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Neonatology Department

    Neonatology department was established in April 2012, in order to meet the needs of high-risk neonatal treatment and the medical needs of newborns in our tertiary hospital, as well as to treat ill infants from other hospitals.

The department has 16 medical beds, 4 beds for the NICU, others for premature baby room, isolation room, recovery room, etc. These beds can be used in treating grave symptoms like neonatal asphyxia, meconium aspiration syndrome, neonatal wet lung , neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, fluid, pneumothorax, neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, intracranial hemorrhage, premature infants,etc., as well as common diseases like neonatal jaundice, neonatal hemolytic disease, neonatal sepsis, neonatal hemorrhagic disease, neonatal pneumonia. In addition, it provides guidance about the health of newborns.
    The department is equipped with imported advanced neonatal multi-function monitor, infant incubator, radiation warm rescue station, neonatal ventilator (frequent, high frequent, noninvasive), air oxygen mixer and other technical equipment, and neonatal bath equipment, baby incubators, blue treatment boxes, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, percutaneous measurement of gallbladder and other basic medical equipment,which can be used to monitor the neonatal ECG, respiration, oxygen saturation, noninvasive blood pressure, invasive blood pressure and microfluidic CO2 of newborns. Feasible digital bedside X-ray examination, etc., the backup hospital comprehensive laboratory tests and imaging, physiological function tests and other security, to provide neonatal asphyxia recovery rescue, endotracheal intubation, alveolar surfactant replacement, non-invasive, Ventilation and respiratory support of high-frequency ventilator, automatic synchronization of neonatal arteriovenous exchange transfusion, endometrial nutrition support and other critically ill diagnosis and treatment, comprehensive management of premature children, to carry out thoracentesis, drainage, umbilical arteriovenous catheterization, central venous catheterization and other medical techniques.