Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Obstetrics Department 

    Xi'an Central Hospital is a third-grade and class-A hospital, of which the obstetrics department providing maternal and child health careis a specializedinstitution (baby friendly hospital) integrated with medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. In the department, 30 medical beds are available,and there are 38 members of staff, including 12 doctors, 26 nurses, 6 director doctors, 3 assistant director doctors, 5 associate professors of nursing and 12 midwives, among whom 8 have master’s degrees and one is Ph.D student. The workplace has been divided into 6 sections by function, the first is obstetric clinic, including ordinary clinic, high-risk clinic, obstetrics and gynecology endocrinology, obstetric and fetal monitoring room, midwifery clinic, prenatal and postnatal care, etc.; the second section is obstetric wards, which include general obstetrics department and high-risk obstetrics department; the third includes DRIs; the fourth includes maternity wards; the fifth includes 6 to 8 wards for special use; the last section is the comprehensive operation room.The outpatient amount of the department has reached 30,000 people, giving life to around 2000 newborns, whose mothers, accounting for a half of the total,  suffered from high-risk pregnancy, including various pregnancy complications and obstetric complications. Over the years, the department has formed a complete set of rules and regulations and clinical management mode and accumulated rich experience especially in the management of high-risk pregnancies and emergency treatment of critically ill patients, taking the leading position in Shaanxi. The department plays a key role in the emergency treatment of critically ill patients in the city and the surrounding areas. To carry out painless childbirth, non-invasive childbirth, music-leading delivery, accompany delivery and other services. Senior clinic and experienced doctors in charge are eager to provide quality medical treatment and take unremitting to ensure the safety of mothers and infants! 

    The department has fetal heart monitor, umbilical cord blood flow detector, neonatal jaundice monitor, color ultrasound, music-leading facilities, and related equipment for general hospital, which can be used to guarantee the diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women. Each pregnant woman would be given individual, considerate, scientific monitoring, management and comprehensive treatment, the department advocates natural vaginal delivery and promotes breastfeeding.
The department attaches great importance to health care during pregnancy and management, that is to say pre-pregnancy mission, prenatal system examination, diagnosis and treatment and management have to be completed, such as early pregnancy maternal disease screening, fetus, maternal disease screening, diagnosis and treatment and prevention.To attain the safety of mothers and infants entails production system, comprehensive inspection, scientific and objective assessment and appropriate treatment.
    The B-room in our hospital serves as the Shaanxi Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis Center , providing ultrasound examination and maternal diagnosis by experienced doctors. The neonatology department tracks childbirth so that high-risk infants get timely and accurate treatment and maximize the safety of newborns. Screening is needed for neonatal diseases to deliver early detection and early treatment,so as to reduce the impact of some of the congenital diseases on children's IQ and the quality of the population. Growth testing and guidance would be offered by the child protection branch in order to achieve early intervention and rehabilitation of high-risk infants, ensuring the healthy development of newborns!
Our department adopts a one-stop service system following the consequence from pre-pregnancy guidance, pregnancy check, childbirth admission, postpartum rehabilitation ,to evaluation of mothers and children. 
The wards, which have been redecorated, are warm and comfortable. People-oriented services like painless childbirth delivery and music leading delivery are offered to promote natural childbirth and the implementation of breastfeeding. Systematical perinatal education and services offered by our department have won us praise from patients and the community.