Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Gynecology department

    After generations of gynecology people's heritage and efforts, gynecology department has become a modern professional team with excellent quality, excellent technique and united endeavor, which enjoys a high position in the region and receives much attention and praise from society and patients all the time. Now we have 28 medical workers, including 12 doctors, 15 nurses, 6 chief physicians, 4 vice chief physicians, 3 associate chief nurses, 1 nurse-in-charge, 6 masters and 1 doctor in reading. We have 33 beds. We have completed specialty, including general gynecology, gynecological cancer, laparoscopic, infertility, reproductive tract malformations and pelvic floor disorders, young and elderly gynecological diseases, family planning, etc. 

    We have the most advanced medical equipment, which provide patients with high quality service, including HD laparoscope, HD hysteroscopy, the most advanced colposcopy, LEEP knife, ozone therapy instrument, color Doppler ultrasound, deep venous thrombosis treatment instrument and so on. In order to conform to the development of medicine and social demand as well as adapt to the change of medical model, we emphasize health education and preventive medicine, carry out various gynecological cancer screening and pay attention to high risk groups and high-risk factors of cancer. We carry out cancer screening (TCT, HPV, SCC), ovarian cancer related examination (tumor series, HE4, etc). we are concerned about female reproductive health (sex hormones, AHM and other examinations) and pelvic infection disease prevention and control as well as strengthen the supervision of endometrial lesions. Besides, we pay attention to the management of female metabolic endocrine disorders, carry out out-of hospital and in hospital health education and science popularization, and provide scientific help to protect the health of female.
    The operations we carried out include: a variety of tumor wide resection, surgery related genital and pelvic surgery, orthopedic vaginal operation and laparoscopic surgery, combined B ultrasound and interventional operation. We continuously promote minimally invasive surgery, so that no open surgeries are more than 80%. We optimize operation mode, such as  combination of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, laparoscopy and vaginal surgery, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative joint intervention, which can reduce surgical trauma, avoid surgical risks and reduce surgical complications. Maximizing the good prognosis of surgery, it is just the characteristic of gynecology in our hospital.