Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Burn and Plastic Surgery Department

    The Burn and Plastic Surgery Department of Xi'an Central Hospital was established in 1959 and the national model worker Wang Yimin posted as the first director. It is an earlier-established burn and surgery department in Shaanxi Province. After tireless efforts made by several generations, it has developed into a strong department equipped with advanced technologies and professional equipment in Xi’an and become a key discipline of Xi’an Medicine which integrates burns, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, beauty businesses. The department consists of four parts, namely, outpatient operating room, outpatient dressing room, beauty clinic and inpatient ward. The ward has 25 beds, and is equipped with laminar ward, burn bath, ward dressing room, scar rehabilitation room. In addition, the red light therapy device, therapy device of hand function rehabilitation, scar wax therapy device and other advanced treatment equipment are also available.
    Department personnel: 4 archiaters, 1 deputy archiater, the mid-level or above health care workers all have further studied in the first-class domestic burn plastic surgery institutions. The former director Chen Changan, used to be the vice chairman of Burns and Plastic Surgery Branch of Shaanxi Province and the chairman of Xi’an Branch. The current director Ru Zhanfeng is the chairman of Plastic Surgery and Beauty Branch of Xi'an Medical Association and member of Burn and Plastic Surgery Branch Standing Committee. The archiater Tao Jian is the vice chairman of Burn and Plastic Surgery Branch of Xi'an Medical Association. Head nurse Pan Yan is also an international Enterostomal Therapist (ET) and member of the Stoma, Wounds, Incontinence Committee of Shaanxi Nursing Society.