Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Urology Departmen

    The urology department of Xi'an Central Hospital, founded in 1952, after 60 years of construction and development, has become an excellent department with advanced equipment and magnificent technical strength. It’s an integrated department with the ability to conduct medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care. In the department, there are 5 director physicians, 5 assistant director physicians, 6 doctor-in-charges and a PhD, 6 of them have master's degrees. Moreover, there are an assistant director nurse, 5 nurse-in-charges, 4 nurse practitioners and 2 nurses. The department has accommodations for 32 patients.The annual outpatient amount reaches more than 12,000, the annual patient amount reaches around 800,and the annual amount of operation reaches about 700. Urology department focuses on clinical and basic research and has accumulated rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of urological tumors, stones, adrenal diseases, congenital diseases, male diseases, pediatric urology, prostate diseases, female urology, urinary tract injuries, tuberculosis and infections. In terms of scientific research and medical achievement, it has won province-level and department-level awards over 10 times.

    Early in the 1990s, thanks to the technology of micro blasting of bladder stone and kidney transplantation from living donor, the department has been well-known in the international medical community. In the clinical technical field, the department boasts experience of nearly 60 years in the treatment of diseases such as urinary tract tumors, adrenal tumors, various deformities, urinary stones, etc. In 2003, it introduced the first German-made plasma resectoscope. In the treatment of endourological diseases, such as transurethral resection of the prostate, urethral stricture incision and transurethral resection of the bladder tumor, it takes the leading position in the northwest region of China. High-tech and advanced surgeries operated by the department are continuously printed and reported by various journals and magazines. 
The urology department of our hospital, which has a strong technical force and advanced medical equipment, is the standing committee members of Shaanxi Urological Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and Shaanxi Andrology Association.