Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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The third general surgery department

    The third general surgery department was set up in April 2009, based on the original general surgery. It is a new department in order to adapt the trend of hospital. Chief physician Tian Limin of the third general department of Xi Jing Hospital, the original The Fourth Military Medical University, in charge of the director of department; chief physician Li Wanlin in charge of the vice director. Our technical force is abundant. All levels of physicians have a strong sense of responsibility and deep theoretical basis. They have well-knit basic skill, are good at learning and are diligent in thinking. They learn and master the latest academic trends of domestic and overseas actively. All staff published many papers and books on various domestic journals and magazines. Director Tian Limin is also the member of standing committee and secretary of Shaanxi provincial institute of vascular surgery, editorial board member of “Modern Cancer Rehabilitation”, and he took part in 2 provincial scientific research items. Director Li Wanlin is the committee member of Shaanxi nutrition institute. Our department carry out overall various operations of general surgery, mainly in courage, pancreas, spleen, gastrointestinal tract, breast, thyroid and peripheral vascular disease. We have advantages in laparoscopic resection of gallbladder and minimally invasive surgery, especially the treatment of breast and thyroid disease, which is the key develop direction of our department. We are special in breast cancer surgery and comprehensive treatment of thyroid cancer effect a radical cure under local anesthesia, which is in the leading role among provincial and municipal hospital, as well as the first level in China.