Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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The second general surgery department

    The second general surgery department is the key department of our hospital. We have 30 beds, including 4 special wards, which can satisfy the hospitalization demand of various patients. The department is equipped with many advanced equipments such as SIEMENS ventilator, OLYMPUS choledochoscope, infusion pump and vital signs monitor. We have a well-trained, caring and skilled team of doctors and nurses, which was awarded many honorary titles such as “Youth Civilization of Xi’an” and “advanced group of Xi’an Central Hospital”. The professional technique strength of our department is abundant, which attracts a lot of patients inside and outside province to come to visit. Among the doctors, we have 13 senior titles, 6 master’s degrees and 4 doctor’s degrees. We have carry out widely a series of minimally invasive surgery such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, appendix and splenectomy, radical resection of stomach and colorectal cancer, repair of abdominal wall hernia, abdominal exploration and fenestration of hepatic cyst, repair of perforation of stomach and duodenum and lysis of adhesions of intestine. We are skilled in various operations of Department of general surgery, such as liver, pancreas, spleen, mammary gland, thyroid gland. We have carried out difficult operations like resection of hepatic lobe and segment, pancreaticoduodenal resection, combined devascularization for portal hypertension, complete mesenterectomy of plant nerves, anus preserving radical resection of low rectal cancer, radical resection of gastric carcinoma by total mesorectal excision, etc. Standardized resection and cleaning of tumors are our strong points. We have won two funds supported by the provincial science and technology department and the Municipal Health Bureau. At the same time we do lots of medical and scientific research work, we take the teaching work of undergraduate, junior college students, technical secondary school students, Graduate Students. The environment of our department is quiet. All medical staffs are noble in medical ethics and willing to contribute. They adhere to the implementation of humanistic management, relieve the pain for patients, make patient satisfaction as their own responsibilities, and serve the patients wholeheartedly.