Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Infectious Diseases Department

    The Infectious Diseases Department was established in 1952 as a comprehensive clinical discipline combines medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It is the only inpatient area of infectious patients in Xi'an general hospital. Through over 50 years of development and efforts by several generations, the department now has a medical team with noble medical ethics and skilled expertise. There are total 9 experts, professors and doctors, mostly with master's degrees or higher degrees. 

    The department mainly treat various liver diseases (various types of acute and chronic viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, autoimmune liver disease, drug-induced hepatitis, acute and chronic liver failure, refractory cirrhosis, ascites, cirrhosis combined pleural effusion), unexplained fever, fever and rash disease and diarrhea and other infectious diseases. It has gained much experience and unique perspective in the antiviral treatment of viral hepatitis, the treatment of cirrhosis and its complications, hepatitis B pregnancy maternal and infant blocking and the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome and other diseases. Currently, advanced equipment in the department is accessible, such as ventilator, ascites ultrafiltration concentrator and so on. With these equipment, the department has adopted advanced treatment technologies, including liver tumor intervention, radiofrequency ablation under B-ultrasound, partial splenic artery embolization interventional therapy, ascites ultrafiltration concentrated reinfusion, hemodialysis of renal syndrome hemorrhagic fever and severe hepatitis artificial liver support treatment. We have successively published hundreds of papers and won many thesis awards in various domestic medical core journals and accomplished many research projects, provincially and municipally. Its scientific research also won the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Xi'an. Apart from clinical and scientific research, the infectious diseases department, for many years, undertakes the task of the regular training of physicians at provincial and municipal level, the senior physician training and the clinical teaching and internships of the Fourth Military Medical University, Medical School of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Yan'an Medical College and Xi'an Medical College. It is also in charge of Xi'an emergency response and rescue work of H1N1 influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease and other public health incidents.