Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Geriatric department

    Geriatric department was set up in October 1995, mainly on geriatrics diagnosis and cadres health care. For more than 20 years, we developed scientifically and improved on the basis of major achievements. Now we have become a key department with strict management, advanced equipment, strong team and exquisite medical skill.

    Now we have 29 doctors and nurses. Among them, there are 11 doctors, including 2 chief physicians, 4 vice chief physicians, 1 resident physician and 8 masters; 18 nurses, including 3 associate chief of nursing, 1 nurse-in-charge, 9 senior nurses and 5 nurses.
    We have advanced equipments such as the noninvasive zollpd - 1200 type except quiver pacemaker ecg monitor, bedside automatic analysis of ecg monitor, nerve function reconstruction therapeutic apparatus, deep vein antithrombotic induction pressure system, glucometer, intermediate frequency therapy apparatus, trace vein pump, automatic analysis ecg machine, dynamic ecg monitor and dynamic blood pressure monitor.