Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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 Oncology department

    Xi'an Central Hospital of Oncology department, Xi'an Institute of Oncology was founded in 1995, the initial establishment of the hospital under the Department of General Surgery, mainly engaged in tumor surgery. With the development of the hospital, oncology department was formally established in September 2003. In June 2004, Xi'an Cancer Institute was established. In the same period, Brothers Hospital conducts individualized cancer detection and radiotherapy and cellular immunotherapy. At present, it is a comprehensive oncology comprehensive medical treatment center which integrates the medical treatment, technology, teaching, scientific research and prevention of cancer. The existing 40 beds, divided into four integrated treatment ward. Is the only standardized treatment of cancer patients with cancer ward and leading unit of standardized treatment of cancer.

    There are 25 medical staffs in our department, including 3 professors and chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians and 90% have master's degrees and postgraduate qualifications. All medical staffs are professionally trained and most have rich clinical experience and rich nursing skills
    Our department carries out various kinds of diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of benign and borderline tumors and malignant tumors (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy, minimally invasive treatment, Chinese medicine treatment, etc.). Particularly good at the development and implementation of comprehensive treatment programs and individual tests under the guidance of genetic testing.
    In order to embody the patient-centered diagnosis and treatment model, our department has combined more than 10 oncologists at home and abroad with a high-level professional team of multidisciplinary experts to set up a joint outpatient service of oncology experts and a multi- Tumor comprehensive treatment ward "for the patient to develop a reasonable comprehensive treatment program. Tumor comprehensive treatment of the disease area is divided into: thoracic cancer treatment group, abdominal cancer treatment group, pelvic, head and neck, limb cancer treatment group and traditional Chinese medicine treatment group of four professional groups. The implementation of the first diagnosis of each expert group responsible for the system and multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment system and the patient's entire management system, the use of comprehensive treatment, take the road of integration of Chinese and Western medicine.
Departments adhere to the principle of evidence-based medicine, standardization of comprehensive treatment and individualized treatment for the principle, while focusing on medical, technology, teaching, research and the combination of the four in close cooperation with international cancer treatment level and strive to develop simultaneously. Our department has always carried out three-level physicians rounds out the system, to discuss difficult cases, consultation system; to strengthen the palliative care of patients with advanced cancer and nursing, to provide patients with the best treatment and comprehensive quality care. We promise to treat patients with their modern medical models of "bio-psycho-social" as patients and their loved ones, so that patients will be treated reasonably and satisfactorily with advanced equipment, superior technology, excellent service and responsible attitude.