Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Endocrinology department

    Endocrine metabolic disease special department was set up in 1995; we had 12 beds at that time. In recent years, we have made rapid development in medical treatment, math, scientific research and so on. Now we have 50 beds, including 3 critical rescue beds. Now we have 16 specialist physicians, including 2 doctors, 4 Ph.D in reading, 8 masters, 5 chief physicians, 6 vice chief physicians, 4 attending doctors and 1 resident physician. We have advanced technical force, such as 14 Leung medtronic company insulin pump, 2 sets of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, 1 Bio-Rad glycated hemoglobin detector and 1 British Huntley’s diabetic foot diagnosis system. Therapeutic yearly dose of diabetes insulin pump        reaches 450. Annual usage of continuous glucose monitoring reaches 250. We are unique in the treatment of diabetic complication, the education of diabetes and medical nutrition therapy. In recent 2 years, we have carried out 1311 thyroid disease treatments cooperated with nuclear medicine department of our hospital. Now, yearly number of clinical patients reaches 18000; annual discharged patients reach 1700. We were awarded advanced college departments and backbone doctor teaching advanced units for 4 years continuously. Now our department in charge of 8 provincial scientific research items, 1 municipal ongoing project and take part in 2 ongoing projects of national natural science fund. Many people are in charge of members of the standing committee or committee members of provincial and municipal medical specialty society. They took part in academic lectures and cases discussion of provincial medical association for many times and won prizes. The rapid development of discipline wins general consent.