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Cardiology department follows the frontier of science and technology and develops new technology

    Recently, Cardiology department carried out intravascular ultrasound examination successfully for a patient with left main coronary artery disease. The doctor judged precisely the stenosis degree of the blood vessel, which played an effective role in helping precise treatment. That patient with recurrent angina had poor effect of diagnosis and treatment in several hospitals for many times and he came to our hospital for further treatment. The intervention team of Cardiology department performed coronary angiography and found stenosis of left main stem. Through discussion, director Ma Feng decided to use the new technique IVUS for examination, in order to judged precisely the stenosis degree of main artery of coronary artery and made precise treatment.
  IVUS is a method of diagnosis of cardiovascular disease by combining noninvasive ultrasound with invasive cardiac catheterization. The microminiature ultrasonic probe is inserted into the cardiovascular cavity for detection by a tube, then the electronic imaging system shows the morphology and structure of the cardiovascular cross-section, knowing the properties of lesions of the tube wall, which is regarded as the new “golden standard” of vascular examination and is used to guide the choice of treatment and evaluate the effect of treatment. Combining FFR mensuration which was carried out by cardiology department before, we make accurate assessment of the shape, nature, and function from the lesion of coronary artery. And therefore we can carry out precise treatment for patients with ischemic heart disease.
    In recent 30 years, the application of minimally invasive interventional technique has made a qualitative leap in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Besides, more and more patients has gotten timely and effective treatment. Since we carried out this technique in 2002, the three cavity pacemaker was firstly used in the treatment of intractable heart failure in our province, and a satisfactory effect was achieved. From then on, cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment team which take director Ma Feng as the core has been devoted to the application of new technology. Cases of coronary intervention in coronary heart disease are increasing year by year. Besides, we carried out radiofrequency ablation for tachycardia and interventional occlusion for the treatment of congenital heart disease, etc. We finished all kinds of intervention operations for more than 2000. Only in the first half of this year, we carried out 3D standard coronary rotational atherectomy and atrial fibrillation radiofrequency ablation test and other cardiovascular interventional technologies. Under the guidance of “Enhance comprehensive ability and fine specialized level” of the current hospital leadership, we, as the first cardiology department which was approved the qualification of interventional diagnosis and treatment by The Provincial Department of health, always follow the frontier of science, use new techniques and serve the patients.
    Now, we are stepping up to construct the dedicated heart intervention operating room, advanced CCU ward and professional heart failure ward. Director Ma Feng, associated director Liang Xiaoping, Liu Shuwen, head nurse Bai Yinzhu and all medical workers of cardiology department will work together hardly with full enthusiasm and exquisite technology. They will apply the newest and the most effective treatment technologies to clinic and be the patron saint of patients with cardiovascular diseases.