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We successfully hosted the forum of academic conference about control, healing and management for hypertension at grass roots in Shanxi province, 2017

    This Forum was hosted by Shanxi prevention medical association with hypertension prevention and treatment specialized committee, cooperating with internal medicine department of central hospital in Shanxi, and it has opened successfully on 28th, Oct, 2017. The chairman, Wang Jingjun, and Secretary Pei Shaojun from Shanxi prevention medical association, the chairman ofShanxi prevention medical association with hypertension prevention and treatment specialized committee, Professor Mou Jianjun and Li Baoying,Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of our hospital has attended this forum and given an inspiring speech. Although the international marathon may cause the whole traffic control, their learning passion has never getfailed, and the totalized number of anticipants were nearly 200.Except with the medical staffs from all levels of hospital and community health service centers in our city, there were numerous qualified doctors from all kinds of hospital in the county and outside the city, which the most remoted anticipant was from hospital in Shiquan county, Ancang city.
    This conferencewas on the theme of relative hypertension and hypertension for prevention and controlling, which mainly involved hypertension,coronary disease,heart failure, dyslipidemia, and atrial fibrillation and so on. There were 10 major topics discussing. These experts were from the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an, Xijing hospital, Xi’an people’s hospital. Meanwhile, many excellent topics were presented by Director Mafeng, Attending doctor Gong Min, Deputy Director and Doctor Li Tao  and Deputy Director and technician Ma Wenying in our hospital.The peers in our province also showed the staffs’ performance ,including exercising is an important part of preventing chronic cardiovascular disease ,also a kind of life way .This theme was penetrated into various topic.      
    The meeting coincided with the successful hosting of the first international marathon in Xi'an, which perfectly illustrated the theme of sports and health and made the conference more meaningful. Participants generally reflect the contents of this meeting close to the actual grass-roots level, the grassroots cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment has great guiding significance, very productive, and then they suggested that the organizers held such academic activities. In all day meeting, none of the sits left, the meeting was a complete success, and has been highly praised by leaders at all levels of Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Preventive Medicine and Hypertension Prevention and Treatment Committee.
    Cardiology will be the success of the meeting held as an opportunity to continuously explore and make innovations, perseverance and better relief for the majority of patients with cardiovascular disease. The enthusiastic response of the broad masses of grassroots colleagues also gives us enlightenment and motivation. From now on, we will try our best to provide more opportunities for grassroots colleagues to learn and help them to improve the diagnosis and treatment and better serve the vast majority of patients.