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Our hospital held “medical paper writing and contribution skills”academic lecture



     In the afternoon on August 17, Xi’an Central Hospital invited the chief editor of “clinical medical research and practice”Yang Junchao to address an academic lecture on “medical paper writing and contribution skills”at our multi-function hall. More than 200 people attended including vice-president Li Jianying, section chief of medical department Liu Chao, director of clinical department and head nurse.
    Yang Junchao made detailed explanation on the medical paper value in clinical work, understanding of Shaanxi title promotion policy, problems of writing and contribution of clinical scientific research, writing method of medical paper and scientific research thinking design as well as contribution skill and notice. This lecture will help first-tier medical workers to do scientific research better, arrange and summarize clinical problems, look up for related literature and design thought. They will solve clinical problems by clinical verifications, in order to raise the comprehensive level of clinical diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, it will solve the practical problems of writing, contribution and promotion. At last, editor Yang introduced the periodical tenet and manuscript require of “clinical medical research and practice”. He wanted to have more communication from multiple perspectives with our hospital, in order to improve the scientific research level and paper writing level, and make contribution to the communication and promotion of medical academic.
    At last, vice president Li Jianying made a review on this lecture. The content was rich, the atmosphere was warm, which was beneficial to all participants. Scientific research level is a reflection of hospital comprehensive strength. With the promotion of our comprehensive strength, we can not ignore the clinical scientific research. According to the actual situation of our hospital, clinical workers combine the research and clinical practice together in daily work. They develop scientific research thinking; communicate with academic team by various ways. Realizing the rapid conversion and spread of clinical experience, can provide better service for clinical practice, improve the lever of illness treatment and expend the influence of our hospital.