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Children's Health Department participated in the firstly nationwide and large-scale promotional activities on "Disability Prevention Day"

    August 25 this year is the first national "Disability Prevention Day." In order to do a good job in the firstly nationwide "Disability Prevention Day" propaganda and education campaign in Shaanxi Province, under the deployment of the provincial government's working committee, the municipal government's working committee and LDisability Work Committee in Lianhu district presided over and undertook the work of "promoting disability prevention and building health China "as the theme of the campaign kicked off in the Gold Market Plaza in Datang West City, the purpose of this activity was to promote disability prevention work, raise awareness of disability prevention for all people, effectively prevent disability and promote disability prevention and disability rehabilitation and health development. Children's Health Center of Xi'an Central Hospital as a national designated area for the prevention and treatment of designated diagnostic medical institutions was invited to participate in this event.
    At 9:00 a.m. August 25, under the leadership of Li Jianying, vice president of Xi'an Central Hospital, Liang Chao, director of medical department and Liang Yan, director of child protection department attended the event. At the opening ceremony, provincial and municipal leaders pointed out that vigorously publicizing the knowledge on disability prevention and raising the awareness of disability prevention for all people is of great significance to accelerating the development of disability prevention and promoting the healthy construction of China. And for our hospital child health department, we  are awarded as a "national disability prevention pilot work 0-6 years old children with disabilities designated diagnostic agencies".
    Children's early childhood physical and mental rapid development of the period is also very fragile period, prone to a variety of nutritional diseases, infectious diseases, children's psychological behavior problems are often planted at this period, the root causes of Child Health Section in early childhood Screening and prevention of various diseases is particularly important. Child care director Liang Yan at the scene for the parents in the process of child growth and development of the common and frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment consultation and answers to cerebral palsy, mental retardation, short and so likely to occur after the disability of the disease science, So that parents realize that "early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of" the importance of child growth and development.
    The event through the display panel, dissemination of information, on-site consultation and other forms of publicity for the general public to explain the core knowledge of disability prevention, disability prevention and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities Ordinance, the national disability prevention action plan, the disabled rehabilitation project, women and children how to Rights and other aspects of the content, welcomed by the broad masses.