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Otorhinolaryngology and Neck Surgery onMicrosurgical operation “----bright throat" has been undergoing

    On August 23, 2017, the ENT Hospital of Xi'an Central Hospital treated a vocal celiac polyp caused by a hoarse voice in a middle-aged female patient, who had a small mandible with an irregular dentition and had a high occupational sound quality requirement. In order to surgery, high precision, less damage was needed to ensure the patient's voice quality. The treatment team was fully prepared, with the cooperation of the Department of Anesthesiology, Wang Haibo was attending physician, Yin Libo also smooth operated the implementation of the patient for laryngeal microsurgery. Postoperative anti-infection, inhalation therapy, also improved the positive turn for patients with hoarseness ideally, who had taken the satisfactory and left the hospital.
    Laryngeal surgery performed under the microscope with a microscopic surgical instrument under a surgical microscope is called laryngeal microsurgery. In 1954, Rosemarie Albrecht first introduced the observation of the vocal cords under a surgical microscope. After 1962, Oskar Kleinsasser made a significant contribution to the promotion of this technology. Domestic laryngeal microsurgery since the early 1980s, compared with traditional surgery, it also adapts this high precision surgery, with clear surgical field, small injury, with the results that the patient recovered quickly, good efficacy, to achieve the desired therapeutic purpose. At present, Xi'an Central Hospital has conducted hundreds of laryngeal microsurgery operations. Your "bright throat" isalways being listened by us and we have been watching your health.