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Lectures on the change of bacterial resistance and rational use of antibiotics were carried out in Department of Endocrinology.

    On the morning of September 8, 2017, the Department of Endocrinology invited Vice President Li Jianying to give a lecture titled "The Change of Bacterial Resistance and the Rational Use of Antibactics". All physicians, head-nurse Zhang Jinhui, key training physicians of county level, and interns, a total of 30 people, attended the training.As a respiratory disease expert, Ms. Li, with her rich clinical experience, talked from the invention of antibiotics to the emergence of super bacteria, and also pointed out that if the antibiotics are not used properly, no medicine will be available in the future , so that made all participants are aware of the concept of multi-drug resistance, pan-drug resistance and all-resistant bacteria and the necessity of rational use of antibiotics. 10 million people will die from the infection of super bacteria in 2050!
    For rational use of antibiotics, Ms. Li started with the resistance mechanism, using the image of siege, such as attacking the city gate, throwing out the enemy inside the city, melee and captives to describe the membrane permeability transition, efflux pump, degrading enzyme of antibacterial drugs, modifying enzyme of antibacterial drugs; the time-dependency and concentration-dependency of antibacterial drugs were respectively figuratively described, and Ms. Li gave a detailed explanation of different types of common pathogens, different mechanisms of action of antibiotics, antibacterial spectrum, concentration in tissues, side effects and how to read drug sensitivity reports, and naturally drug-resistant bacteria and antibiotics, having made the participants have a clear understanding of how to select antibiotics according to the patient's condition. Meanwhile, Department of Endocrinology’s full attention to the rational use of antibiotics, and actively reduction of the proportion of drugs were given full affirmation by Ms. Li.