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Our hospital successfully completed the 2017 Xian International Marathon medical security work



    On October 28, 2017 Xi'an (Country Garden) International Marathon opened its doors at Yongning Gate in Xi'an. This year marks the first year of West Malaysia with a total of 20,000 athletes from 26 countries and regions. This is the highest-profile marathon event in Xi'an to date.
In accordance with the planning of the Municipal Health Planning Commission, our hospital assumed the marathon end of the task of safeguarding medical insurance. In order to do a good job of medical security work to ensure the safety of the race successfully convened, the Central Hospital quickly set up by the Presidential Huwei and Wu led the secretary of the medical security leading group, the game of medical security work carefully planned and carefully planned to develop "Xi'an Central Hospital in 2017 Xi'an International Marathon Race Medical Security Program" to carry out the end of our hospital protection and hospital medical security division of labor, made clear by the vice president Li Jianying responsible for the end of the protection, the hospital with the class leader on the day Don Yi vice president responsible for hospital medical security work.
    Under the strong support of nursing department, emergency department, cardiology, bone department with a branch, two branch, the hospital quickly became a 13-member medical insurance team, in order to ensure the level and quality of emergency treatment, the medical department has repeatedly targeted First aid drills to ensure that all medical team members are familiar with emergency procedures and disposal plans
Especially the evening before the marathon, the Municipal Health Planning Commission led the temporary decision by our hospital to assume the end ICU medical security tasks. Intighter time, in front of heavy tasks, our hospital brave heavy burden, the hospital team emergency had coordination meeting, under the strong support of equipment department, General Services, Pharmacy and other departments, the interim ICU completed within a short span of three hours, equipment commissioning and so on.
    In accordance with the arrangement of the Municipal Health and Planning Commission, the security team arrived at the designated safeguards position at five in the morning. In order to make timely and accurate first aid work, Vice President Li Jianying asked each security worker to be familiar with the use of the device, the location of the drugs and the individual division of labor, called for everyone in the first aid mission, kept a cool head, in accordance with the plan to calmly deal with. Special emphasis placed on the end of the marathon race is the focus of much publicity, with the CCTV broadcast live, I hope everyone should pay attention to personal actions to safeguard the image of medical staff and established a central hospital medical staff image.
    The successfully hosted marathon was completed. The task of medical security was also accomplished. Through this guarantee, it fully demonstrated the collective sense of honor and excellent professional qualities of medical personnel in our hospital and fully verified that "central hospital man" Bravely taking heavy burden, bold to play the spirit, also were showing our hospital medical staff can endure hardships, dare to have a tough time that also presented the good mental outlook and professionalism.