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We successfully held the Second Western Orthopaedic Nursing BBS

    In the morning of November 4, 2017, sponsored by the association of Chinese medicine education orthopedic Xi’an training base, Xi’an central hospital of The First Department of Orthopedics undertakes "The Second Western Orthopaedic Care BBS". It has a grand opening in the multi-function hall on the fourth floor in the center of the Xi’an Center Hospital. More than 150 orthopaedic care from all over the province fellows gathered together to learn. The conference is held by a department head nurse from Xi’an Central Hospital of The First Department of Orthopedics. It also invites Xi Jing Hospital’s orthopedic head nurse, Niu Zhixia, the director of our hospital nursing department, Zhang Qiaoling, director of anesthesia Cui Xiaogang, director of The First Department of Orthopedics, Yan Shaorong, Ji Gang, vice deputy director and Li nini, Otolaryngology Department, the head nurse to attend and give lectures.

    The theme of this conference is "pain management", which fully reflects the importance of pain management in our clinical work. During the meeting, Zhang qiaoling, director of "the application of acute pain management team in orthopedic pain management", introduced to the nursing colleagues of various hospitals the specific implementation plan of pain management in our hospital. Anaesthesia Cui Xiaogang director, vice leader of The First Department of Orthopedics, JiGang and Li nini, deputy director of otolaryngology head nurse elaborate on: "postoperative analgesia related issues to explore", "orthopaedic trauma pain management", "pain education and assessment" and many other new problems related to pain. Our hospital's management of patients' pain during perioperative period and the safety of patients are fully reflected in the humanistic care of the patients in the central hospital. It also shows the excellence of staff in our central hospital. After a whole morning’s intense study, everyone is passionate and enthusiastic. The learning atmosphere is strong .Everyone learned a lot and they continue want to learn more about it.
    The meeting was a complete success, and received the affirmation and praise from the head of the nursing branch of the education society of China in Xi’an training base nursing branch. Xi’an central hospital’s The First Department of Orthopedics regard the complete success of the conference as a new beginning. In the future they will continue to work hard and innovate and make greater contribution to ensure patients’ safety, eliminate their pains.