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Inter-provincial long-distance medical billing of Xi’an Central Hospital achieved success


    From June 1, 2017, our hospital had carried out long distance and inter-provincial reporting business of urban and rural residents (NCMS). Nowadays, the patients who attend NCMS of Hainan, Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui, Guizhou,Gansu,Xizang, Sichuan(Liangshan, Ya’an, Panzhihua, Neijiang, Dazhou, Guangan, Mianyang) visited our hospital by standardized referral, they could enjoy long-distance instant reporting after they left hospital.

In order to make patients enjoy the good policy of long-distance medical settlement to the upmost, our cooperative medical service office initiated referral application automatically on national basic medical insurance information platform for urban and rural residents for patients selected by clinical department. They communicated directly with patients and promoted the long distance reporting business for urban and rural residents (NCMS). After much effort, referral application had succeeded four cases. In the afternoon on July 31, we settled long distance reporting business for Mr.Ding in Ningxia province. The claiming expense was 3299.71 Yuan. Relatives of Mr. Ding said happily: “Long-distance transaction is so convenient, which can save our trips.”
    This is the first inter-provincial patient who reported successfully of our hospital. We will work harder, in order to provide long-distance reporting business for more inter-provincial urban and rural residents. We will make patients feel the convenience of long-distance treatment and bring the Party’s benefiting policy to more families.