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The experts of our hospital go to the Member Unit of Medical Association to carry out the second A-level mock review work. 


    At 8:30 AM, the expert group arrived and held a symposium with colleagues from the Bei Che Hospital. Bei Che Hospital director Yang lixin makes a brief report on hospital level review. He gave us a great affirmation for our acting as the leader of Medical Unit and our hospital’s help to Bei Che Hospital. He expresses heartfelt gratitude to our sending experts to guide them at critical moment of the grade review.

    After the symposium, Xi’ an central hospital experts respectively get connection with Bei Che hospital’s personnel after the docking. They are divided into medical teams, comprehensive management group and control group, the drug management group and nursing department to work. In the process of simulation evaluation inspection instruction, experts carefully, through access to information, see the parameter, random cases, questions, staff interview, methods of follow-up, the hospital management, medical care quality management and hospital control, logistics, safety production and other aspects has carried on the detailed review. Li jianying, vice President of the department of medicine, medicine, surgery, and other aspects of emergency, guides on the plan simulation, antibacterial drug use, and surgical authorization.
    At 5:00 PM, the feedback meeting of the simulation review was held. The experts make detailed reports on the highlights, problems and reasonable suggestions of the work. They point out existing problems and shortcomings, and put forward Suggestions and Suggestions for continuous improvement. Li Jianying, vice President of our hospital says that a day of simulation testing time is hast and insufficient. She hopes that the opinions and suggestions put forward by the expert group for Bei Che Hospital can play a guiding and promoting role in the future grading hospital work. Grading hospital, she says, the aim of the review is regard the patient as the center and to ensure the safety of patients. She hopes that Bei Che Hospital can regard evaluation as an opportunity to carry out all work solidly, from health care management, medical quality and service level, service concept and improving hospital comprehensive overall diagnosis and treatment level.
     There is a long way to go in the work of the medical association and we are burdened with the ardent hope that the basic medical units will learn advanced medical technology and improve the management level of the hospital. In the future work, we will continue to carry forward the fine style, constantly summarize the improvement, and promote the work of the member unit of the medical association of our hospital to go up the new step. I wish a successful pass for Xi 'an Bei Che Hospital to bcome one of the second A-level hospitals!