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Dedicated, always guarding your health---a scene of operating room when the earthquake occurred.    

    "Earthquake! Earthquake! Look! How violently the infusion bottles of patients sway”, anesthesiologist Zhang Weitao, said nervously. The nurse Li Na who was giving the doctor surgical instruments looked up and said casually “Well, it seems to be", and then she continued to sort out the surgical instruments on the operating table. While surgeons Tang Yongliang and Liang Chen, without looking up, continued to do vascular anastomosis orderly. Everything went on as usual.
This is the scene that took place at the operating room of Xi'an Central Hospital at 21:00 on August 8, 2017. On that day, a 69-year-old Hui compatriot at home he was carelessly cut by the sharp instrument on his dorsally pedis. He was bleeding and felt a sense of pain. Accompanied restriction of thumb movement, he was sent to Xi'an Central Hospital by family members. The patient was diagnosed with left foot trauma by Orthopedics Department two after emergency surgeon washing the wound and then was admitted to the hospital. After admission, attending physicians Tang Yongliang and Liang Chen, immediately perfected the relevant examination, and considered that the patient’s pollicis longus muscle tendon was completely fractured and dorsalis pedis artery was injured after a preliminary examination. Then the patient's condition was immediately reported to Director Zhang Yanpin. At the same time, we actively improved the preoperative preparation and made operation scheme. One hour later, the patient was admitted to the operation room. Because there were too many surgeries on that day, nurse Li Na worked overtime. After surgery began, the operation team found that the results of intraoperative exploration were basically consistent with the preoperative judgment: the pollicis longus muscle tendon was completely ruptured, tibialis anterior muscle was partially fractured and dorsalis pedis artery was completely broke. Surgery for the patient. They implemented the surgery according to the scheduled operation plan.
    When 7.0 magnitude earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, the surgical team which involved attending physicians Tang Yongliang Liang Chen, Lv Lixin, physician Zhang Weitao and nurses Li Na, Feng Xiao was implementing anastomosis. They was not affected by the inference of earthquake, for they knew the importance of early anastomosis and restoration of vascular continuity in revascularization, recovery of limb blood supply and recovery of limb function in later stages. Moreover, it was their duties. Finally, with the joint efforts of all the members of the surgical team, vascular anastomosis and tendon suture were successfully implemented, and the patient was safely returned to the ward, The patient is safe to return to the ward. The follow-up will be for further treatment for the patients.Further treatment will be carried out by the combination of the medical and nursing care of the ward in the follow up.
The doctors, provide every patient with high-quality medical services so that they can receive timely and correct medical treatment; being dedicated, and no matter when and where, always protecting the patient is our unremitting pursuit.