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Our hospital successfully passed the review of Grade III Level A hospital.

    On July 18, 2017, it was examined and approved by the director of the provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, and it was reported to the National Health and Family Planning Commission for record. The Xi'an Central Hospital was agreed to be the Grade III Level A comprehensive hospital. On the morning of August 11, the inauguration ceremony was held in the conference room on the third floor of the Imaging Department of Xi'an Central Hospital.

At the beginning of January of 2017, the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission organized experts and completed the on-site evaluation of our hospital.  The hospital attached great importance to the suggestions and feedback raised by experts on site, and took positive actions. After four months of rectification, rectification work report of grade review was submitted to the Provincial Health Planning Commission by the end of May. On July 18th, the Provincial Health Planning Commission decided that the Xi'an Central Hospital passed the grade review of first-class hospital.
The successful approval of the grade review benefited from the strong support and guidance from the leaders of the provincial and municipal Health and Family Planning Commissions and the competent departments at all levels and the selfless guidance and help from the review experts. The hospital regarded this review as an important part of our hospital to find inadequacies and to improve the work and management of departments and hospital. PDC and other management tools should are fully utilized to continuously improve and perfect the management, making the standardized management and delicacy management of hospital a normal condition.
The passing of grade review embodies the efforts and sweats of the staff of the whole hospital. But the "Grade III Level A hospital" is just a symbol, which is just a beginning. "Improving the quality of medical services and ensuring medical safety" is always on the road. The hospital will take this as a new starting point. Our main line is to consolidate the achievements of the review and accelerate the development of the hospital. With the theme of quality, management, safety, service and performance, the hospital will continue to improve the management, quality of medical technology and service. We will continue to maintain a high morale, keep making progress, to serve the people and make new and greater contributions to building a healthy Xi'an!