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Supporting Tibet, it is a worthwhile trip----Fan Jinghua of dermatological department

     I was nervous when I applied for registration to support Tibet. As a doctor of dermatological department of Xi’an Central Hospital, I always feel that our small department to Tibet counterpart support is of little significance. However, this experience made me realize that a doctor can do more than he expects.

    In May 2017, since we, the sixth supporting Tibet medical treatment team, arrived Ariza county, we carried out our work one by one. We did physical examination for students, provided doctors and medicines to country people, did voluntary treatment at the border town, etc. life was busy but rich. Start out from my major, department of dermatology medicine, the first job I did was inquiring the situation of dermatology medicine department in Ariza county hospital. Ariza County was dry, short of water, and ultraviolet radiation there was intense. The major diseases were allergic skin diseases like daylight dermatitis, urticaria, eczema and so on. Many patients lacked the basic knowledge of prevention and nursing. They usually just bought some ointment and rubbed. Therefore, many people were troubled by illness for a long time. Besides, county hospital staff shortage, no skin disease special clinic and short of skin disease doctor , which caused basically zero foundation of the health management work of skin disease.
    After knowing the basic situation of Ariza county, I managed the working direction rapidly: for one thing, involving actively in clinical work and doing health education job. We should help local Tibetan people treat skin disease. More importantly, we should make them realize the importance of daily nursing of skin disease. For another, we should carry out professional knowledge and technique training to county hospital medical workers. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. By giving lessons to hospital medical workers and explaining clinic cases, we taught professional knowledge and skills actively as well as the prevention and daily nursing knowledge of skin disease. We hoped to develop 1-2 doctors who could finish the diagnosis and treatment of common skin diseases independently. Besides, I dug out the potential power of county hospital and put a multi-functional micro treatment machine which had been bought for many years but never used in clinical use. It could do physical treatment of trauma and the treatment of skin disease. I also conducted the demonstration treatments of filamentous wart, flat wart and skin tag. I passed the treatment skills to related medical workers.
    In July 28, I carried out excision of verruca hairy epidermis at Ariza county hospital. This operation was the first skin surgery in Ariza county hospital’s history. The patient was a man of 28 years old, Han nationality. He had black skin patch at the inside of medial and knee joint for more than 20 years. Recently, the skin lesion increased, about 5cm*3cm. Its surface uplifted, hair grown and itched sometimes. After examination, I diagnosed it as verruca hairy epidermis. I communicated with the patient for many times, informed him that he should excised early to avoid the bad change. Finally, the patient agreed. I did the excision operation for him under local anesthesia in the treatment room of Ariza county hospital. Because the hospital had never carried out such operation before, there was no scalpel and handle in the surgical incision bag. After carefully consideration, I used hemostatic forceps to hold the scalpel and cut the epidermis. Then I used surgical scissors to separate skin lesions and cut them. Then I sutured the incision. During the operation, the patient only had a small amount of bleeding. Healing after operation was good as well. I took out the stitches for him at Augest, 8, 2017. The operation made a success. This was the first similar operation in Ariza county hospital, which laid a foundation for future. Therefore, it got good praise of patient and doctors of all levels in county hospital.
    With the gradual development of the outpatient work in dermatology department, the patients of dermatology department in county hospital have increased. They receive patients about 300 every day. Under the support of county hospital leaders, many patients from different towns came to visit. I treat every patient cannily and try my best to relieve the pain for them. I believe that although the supporting time is short, the meaning will be profound. I will do what I should do. Only in this way, this experience is worthwhile. Fighting!